Constraining Video

Jul 25, 2013

I have inserted YouTube video into Storyline using the Web Object option. The code I'm using is: This enables playing on the iPad as well Mac/PC. However, I'm wondering if/how I can set the width/height of the video because it is enlarging and displaying outside of the Storyline window (part in/part out) in Firefox. Any suggestions?

Also, is it possible to have the Storyline window open to "full screen?"


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Deb Castiglione

Unfortunately that is not an option. And, we are not able to use Dropbox due to security reasons. However, let me play a little to see if I can get something to work. I was hoping I could just add some code to the end of what I'm currently using.

Any suggestions for getting the Storyline window to open fullscreen?

Thanks much!

Deb Castiglione

I finally have been able to test your suggestion, but I think I'm missing something. Or, it will not work with the way our Blackboard system is set up.

I created a file called constrain.html with the iFrame embed code in it. Then I inserted a web object with the URL to constrain.html. However, it just opens the iFrame embed code instead of the video. See attached.

I've also included an example of the problem we have been experiencing. Sometimes we can replicate it and sometimes we cannot, which is making it very difficult to resolve.

Any thoughts.


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