Consultants: How do you source your projects?

After a very lengthy assignment, I am transition again.  I would like to know what percentage of your work comes to you via "agencies" versus, what percentage do you generate on your own?

I have working as a freelance for almost five years and I have found that companies seem to prefer to work through agencies.  I have no problem finding work through agencies, but would like that balance of work that I found on my own.  When the contract ends, I still have my own work.   

Is this now the trend?  What has been your experience? 

Thanks for your response. 


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Hi Terra,

I didn't see that you posted your follow up on the other forum so I thought I'd drop my reply here.

Agencies: I did more agency work a few years ago than I do now. I find that more of my work today comes from referrals, E-Learning Heroes, and LinkedIn.

I don't mind agency work because they manage everything from the client to the deliverables to the timelines. My only responsibility is designing awesome courses and delivering them on time.

The best suggestion I can offer for finding work (agency or your own clients) is to regularly share your examples in the weekly E-Learning Challenges and downloads in the Building Better Courses forums.

Articulate does an amazing job promoting its users so anything you share in the community will be seen by thousands of people. Share regularly and you'll find you have more work than you can handle. Then you can call me to help you out. Kidding:-)

Hope that helps and good luck!

Char Larkin

Hello Montse,

Thank you for your helpful and very thoughtful reply.  I actually did move over to the other forum and reposted my inquiry - and did receive several responses.  I have to admit that I have not posted my work to on any of the forums.  So much of my work these last few years has had a focus on working with very technical/analytical type material where creativity becomes an ongoing challenge.  I often spend a lot of time trying to present information without bullets.  :)  Perhaps I am short changing myself.  I will consider posting in the future. 

All the best,