Content becomes unresponsive when viewed from a web server

I have been building a course in SL for Flash and HTML5.  The content works fine when previewed or viewed locally on my computer (Windows 7 wih Chrome and IE8) and on another machine when viewed locally (on a Mac with Chrome), but when it is uploaded to my web server, the course randomly freezes the browser and must be re-loaded.  I have been using this same server to review Presenter with no problem for over a year.  The course consists of audio, graphics, text, a few layers, triggers and variables, but does not seem to be doing anything too terribly taxing or memory intensive.  Also, it does not happen consistenly on any particular slide, although it seems to happen more frequently when advancing before the audio/animation is complete.  Any ideas?

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Jesse Kailahi

I am having a similar issue with my published content! When the course is viewed locally or by one of our users off-site, the course will "freeze" and will become completely unresponsive on slides that have objects that link or have triggers.  It does not occur on slides that do not have these objects.  The user must exit out of the browser window, relaunch, and continue where they left off, but it still tends to freeze even after that.  I also experience more frequent freezing when rapidly clicking on slide items with triggers/links. 

One thing I did to resolve this issue (for the time being) was to replace all my objects that had specific states/triggers with the pre-built buttons (insert ribbon).  This makes my course much less appealing graphically, but has solved the freezing issue for those slides. I am also able to click rapidly between each of the buttons without the freezing issue.  Normally I would import/create a graphic, draw a button, and then use the format painter to assign the button properties to the image.

I really enjoy importing/creating graphics and assigning states/triggers to them, but these issues have only been happening with those objects on their respective slides.

Already opened a case and the suggestions to resolve the issue have not yet been fruitful (hence the temporary button fix).

Paul Shorr

I am having the same kind of freezing, but under different conditions.  I have objects with triggers on every slide, but it has not happened when using the objects - only when using the player "Next" and "Prev" buttons, and only when viewed via http.  Have not seen it when viewing locally.