Content does not fit when rotating Ipad - only with last updates!!

Hi everyone!

We use Moodle 2.5.1 and all our sales reps access using their iPads 2.   We habe been testing Articulate Storyline with great results but we noticed that content did not fit the iPad screen when rotating from vertical to horizontal. We tested many different options and different resolutions and we submitted the content as "resource: archive" and as well as "activity: SCORM package" (according to Moodle options for activities and resources). iPad player was not an option for us.

After many many testing we found out that using an older version of Acticulate Storyline (update 3) this problem was not there. Ipad was showing the content adapting the resolution when the user rotated the device.

Do know how to sort out this issue using lastest version of Storyline?

Many thanks experts!!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Francisco,

The scaling on content within an iPad using recent updates of Storyline and iOS is something that has been reported to our QA team for additional review. As they continue to investigate the issue, it's something that you may also want to reach out to your LMS team about as it seems to be caused by displaying the content within an iFrame and there may be a fix on that end as well. I've also seen some users in the forums discussing different Moodle versions and varying behavior.