Content editing workflows

May 24, 2017

We heard on the grapevine that Storyline 3 has been released. We currently use Storyline 2 but have increasing need to create mobile-responsive content.

We would like subject matter experts to be able to write and edit content but since they are a rolling cast of individuals who would only use the most basic features, we can't justify the expense of procuring the software for them.

Captivate has PowerPoint round-tripping. Does the Articulate family of products have an equivalent?

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Paul Schneider

One thing you will want to re-think is your use of PPT.  PPT by design is not responsive, so you aren't likely to find a solution that gives you satisfactory results - unless mobile is tablet only.  May want to use a Word Import approach (I've worked with folks who had great success with that who are in the same situation) -Word content itself lends itself toward responsive design.

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