Content Hierarchy?

Hello Articulate Community,

We are trialling On-LIne and have a question about being able to have more structure to the content list.  Eg.. being able to have a title say "Product Installation" which when clicked on brings up all the many courses covering how products are installed, then another heading, "Product Fault Finding & Repair"  etc.

How can this be achieved rather than having a sinlge list of 20-50 courses that have been published?

If this cannot be achieved in Articulate, can anyone recommend an LMS where this is possible?

Merry Christmas & regards - Mark

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Dennis Hall

Hi Mark:

A bit confusing...

To avoid having standard list views in an LMS, you can always use panel views which can be achieved by a programmer or website styling person if you have access to your LMS CSS files.

What (it seems) you are trying to achieve is not a function of a course, but rather a course catalogue. A course catalogue is a function of the LMS.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mark,

It sounds like you're testing out Articulate Online with Storyline courses? There isn't a way to change the list feature of content within Articulate Online, but you could organize courses with tags, and then have the ability to sort based on those tags and narrow down what courses you see. If you'd like to see additional organization functionality within Articulate Online, please feel free to submit a feature request.