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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nikki,

You wouldn't have access to content library without a subscription to Articulate 360. You can download our free templates and assets that are shared within the E-Learning Heroes community. Take a look at the options here.  

For any templates, you could use any of the options there for Storyline or Powerpoint - the Storyline 360 versions were created especially for 360, but as long as they don't use 360 specific features (random number generator, text-to-speech, etc.) they'll also open in Storyline 3. 

Daniel Berlin

I have a sort of similar question, regarding Stoyline 3. I don't really need access to the Articulate Library, I just want to have a kind of an assets library where I can store my own items such as audio and images. Otherwise, I'm importing the same audio and images over and over again into my project.

Is that not a possibility? There definitely IS an asset library in Adobe Captivate so I was hoping perhaps Storyline 3 has the same thing.



Katie Riggio

Hello Daniel,

Great question! 

There's a media library feature that's exclusive to Storyline 360. With it, you can manage all the assets for a project in one place. We don't have upcoming plans to add this to Storyline 3, but we'll let you know if that changes!

In the meantime, we have these tips and tools for managing course assets.