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Nov 03, 2017


Does anyone know how you can download content library images directly high res to your computer rather then through storyline etc. I am trying to make a user guide for courses and want imaging to be consistent although when used in an A4 doc they are pixelated.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Wendy,

Content Library images can be added directly into Storyline or Rise, and there isn't a function to download it directly to your computer. Once you've added into Storyline, you can right-click and choose "Save as image/picture" which is a step I know a few folks have used to add those images into a Studio course as well. 

Adam McCash

I realize this should probably be a feature request, but it would be really nice to be able to access the content library (images) with Presenter.  The workflow to copy them from Storyline over to Presenter is rather cumbersome.  

To clarify, I see that I can access some content library things in Presenter such at characters and themes, but no stock photos or videos.  (or am I just missing how to access those?)

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Adam,

You are correct and images and videos have been requested by others to be included in Presenter, actually Studio 360, as well.

I'm attaching this conversation to the report as we track user requests and so that we can update you here when we can.

I wanted to share some information about how we manage these feature requests as that may be helpful. 

Math Notermans

I have a Rise360 course with an image upfront in the start. The image is from the Content Library. And now i want to use the same image in a Storyline course. But hence there are no names, tags or labels on the images in the Content Library i cannot find that same image in the Library again. Using the same search words as the first time...i cannot find the same image again.

Is there any option ?

Leah Hemeon

Hi Math,

I ran into the exact same issue with Rise and Storyline a few months ago. This likely isn't what you're looking for but it's the only workaround I've found for this...

I found that many of the same images licensed via Articulate's content library are also available as "free" downloads on Pixabay and other free content sites. Since the search engines are often better on these sites than in the content library, I was able to find my image that way and download it separately. Just be careful about the licensing on whatever site you use. I know you can use Pixabay images without attribution if you sign up for a free site but read the licensing terms and service agreements carefully to know what you are and aren't allowed to do. 

Good luck!

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