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Gerry Wasiluk

I'll be honest--using the Articulate Content Library is not my first choice for finding images.  I subscribe to Elearning Brothers and their Asset Library and use that first for finding images, mainly for three reasons.

1) More images.  (And more related images as a result.)

2) Has a way to refine my search results for finding exactly what I need.  BIG PLUS!

3) The Articulate Content Library search algorithm is too fuzzy for my taste.  Prefer a search algorithm that's a little more exact.  Sometimes scratch my head as to what comes up with a search.

But, for icons, I usually use the Articulate Content Library first.


Jeff Forrer

No problem.  I find the library is limited, but helpful sometimes.  I also use Shutterstock or iStock but those of course are subscriptions as well.

Unsplash.com and Pexels.com are good sites as well, contain many of the same images that are in the content library in case you want to get the source image file.  Some ask for a donation if you want to use them.  Good luck.