Content Library Images - Resolution and Download?

I'm using the content library in SL360 and when I download an image it is resized to automatically fit the size of the story.

If I do save the image then it's not really much good if I want to edit it as it is effectively a low resolution version of what is available in the library...

Is there anyway to download an image from the content library and make sure it stays at the resolution shown?

I'd like to use some of the images in Rise but when I save them and import them they look awful because they low resolution.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Dave,

We would expect the templates to resize to fit your story size:

For the best results, we recommend using a standard 4:3 or widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio. However, slide templates will automatically adjust to fit custom slide sizes. In most cases, you won't need to make any changes after importing a template, but if your slide size is unusual—for example, portrait oriented or extremely widescreen—you might need to resize some objects to fit properly.

Are you having difficulty using something? If so, I'd like to better understand.

We are aiming for integration of the stock images from Content Library with Rise to be available within the next couple of months, so stay tuned. At this time, Content Library assets work exclusively with Storyline 360 and Studio 360.

Dave Bull

What I would like to do is actually download the image instead of inserting straight into Storyline.

While the images are fantastic and this new feature saves me hours and money it would be nice to have them in their format and size that they are listed as.

I'd like to edit them and play with them in Photoshop before using them...

Is this something that would be possible in the future?


John Curran

That's a big hidden downside to the Content Library. It appears you can only use the images unaltered. I wanted to give all the images a colour tint for design reasons but you can't actually download them and edit in Photoshop. You can only insert them unaltered into Storyline/Rise. Guess this might be to do with the license? Or am I missing something!

John Curran

Actually I'm using Rise for this project and that doesn't have that feature. Generally though is my understanding correct - you can only insert images into Storyline/Rise - you can't download in order to edit in Photoshop?

I guess a workaround is to insert into a blank slide in Storyline then clip and paste into Photoshop but this would lose quality.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

Correct - Rise doesn't have that feature to adjust the coloring. You can do it within Storyline, but there isn't a method to download them directly out of Content Library onto your desktop. 

The image is inserted directly into Rise, and will behave as any other standard photo with the formatting and right click menu available. 

In case it helps, here's the link to the Terms of Service, as the Content Library assets are for Articulate 360 exclusively. 

Tom Roth

I too would like the ability to download the full, high-resolution photo. I may only want to crop the photo to use only a portion of it but still make it fill the screen. Or as others suggested, modify it in Photoshop and then bring it into Storyline. Having a really high resolution image also helps if you're wanting to do a zoom region, otherwise the photo gets pixelated looking when you zoom in.

Tom Roth

What I'm noticing is that the images are not as sharp once they're inserted into a Storyline 360 slide. I'm seeing some JPEG compression artifacts. So if you want to use an image full screen, it doesn't look nice and crisp, even if it was a high resolution image to begin with. One suggestion would be to have a setting within Storyline 360 so that when you download an image you can select if you want it to retain the full high resolution of the photo or to resize it to fit the slide. 

Natalie Roots

The other problem that I have run into, using the high-resolution photos directly from Content Library into my Storyline 360 course, is that because the pictures are so large, and the entire photo stays within the Storyline file, that the program started to be so slow and lag so much that I couldn't work with it at all.  The drag/delay kept me from being able to move or resize boxes.  Once I stripped the images out, it worked just fine. 

The images in the Content Library are WONDERFUL.  They are just too large as is.  Having the ability to save them and adjust the resolution settings of the image, not just sizing the part that is shown in the program, would be EXTREMELY helpful!  

I'm sure part of the reason it is this way is to keep us from using those images in other programs, which I understand.  

Some suggestions:

Perhaps, like others have suggested, there would be more freedom to truly crop, resize, and adjust the image resolution within Storyline (or Rise) so that only the parts or size of the image that is needed is retained within the file?

Or, fix the lag that happens when several high resolution images are used in the same Storyline file

Or - make it possible to adjust the resolution or size of the photo in Content Library BEFORE it is downloaded and inserted into the project. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Natalie,

I haven't heard the experience that Content Library images and their size is slowing down Storyline, but I know our team is checking into performance issues with Storyline 360 as a whole. I'm going to share this insight with them as they keep digging in! 

As for cropping or editing them, the Content Library assets are designed to be used exclusively in 360 apps. 

In case it helps, here's the link to the Terms of Service, as the Content Library assets are for Articulate 360 exclusively. 

Even with that being said, downloading and editing the images has come up a few times and I'd love it if you'd share your thoughts and use case with our team here

Rick Sell

I, too, would like to edit some of the images. I certainly understand Articulate's desire to keep them close to the vest, though. Maybe a low end editing facility within 360 and Rise that does not export? Also, I used an image from the library, but it did not position well - is there a way to reposition? - but I did find a version of the same image in Images that can be used for any reason without payment or even attribution. Odd but true!

Martika Cox

Hi Rick,

We have a feature request logged for more control of images in Rise but it’s not something available right now.

I’ve included your question in the feedback to our product team. If I can help with anything else, please let me know.

If you'd like to share more about the kind of capability you are looking for you can do so here.

Please let me know if I can help with anything else!

Mary Bammer

Hi Ashley, 

I know this is an older post, but this is the exact issue I am running into. 

The high res images from the Content Library slow SL 360 down so much until it makes the application virtually unusable. I know the issue is related to these images, because when I hide the images while working on a slide, the speed goes back to normal.

As Natalie said, "Perhaps, like others have suggested, there would be more freedom to truly crop, resize, and adjust the image resolution within Storyline (or Rise) so that only the parts or size of the image that is needed is retained within the file?".

Having the option to compress images from the content library within SL 360 would be great!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Sally!

Thanks for letting us know you need the ability to adjust the color of images in Rise 360. 

For now, you can edit your images using a third-party tool by right-clicking the image and selecting Save Image As. Once you've adjusted the color of the image, import it back into Rise 360.

Let me know if that's an option for you!

Amanda Lara

I am having the exact same issue. I have a current project that is around 541MB and I am now in the process of (painstakingly) downloading each image, resizing the image to decrease the final image size. Has there been any progress on this issue to be able to adjust the image size (within Storyline 360) in the final project post cropping?