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Leslie McKerchie

Oh no, Ashley!

That's certainly not the behavior we want you to experience.

Many times this is due to environmental security. You can check out this article and share it with your IT Team so that they can whitelist all items needed.

If you need further help or wish to work directly with our support team, you can reach out directly here.

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes by the way!

Jamie Billingham

Jumping in on this as I'm having a similar issue.

Only the first dozen or so photos will display from the Content Library in Rise. The remaining are clickable - they are added to the Rise when clicked - but the preview is just an icon.

When I go to the next page/See more, the same thing - the first dozen or so photos allow a preview but the rest are just the icons. When I select Illustrations - none preview but again all are selectable.

I've asked our IT folks to explore this and have sent them to the whitelist page and they have said that the URLs/domains are all whitelisted but that if any of the sites are redirecting you to a freeware or shareware site this will be blocked.

What is confusing for me is that the photo or illustration is not being blocked, just the preview is blocked on the first part of the page.

This problem has been reproduced by another internal department but does not occur in the campus library - different network or network setting I believe.

Attaching screen shots of what I see.

Am using Chrome with Windows & Enterprise.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jamie,

It looks like some of the images get stuck on loading, since you can keep pulling them up using the "See more" and the top ones appear again. You mentioned doing this in Rise, what browser are you using to author? 

Could you try a browser such as Chrome/Firefox? Also, make sure you're on the latest update of the browser you're using! 

Let me know if you hear any more from your IT Team about whitelisting those sites as well!