Content Library Not Working

I just opened up SL360 and started working on one of my projects and was going to add a character from the content library.  After clicking on the "Character" icon, nothing happens--or should I say-- it acts as if it is trying to open the pop-up window to access the library, but just freezes.... I have to hit escape to stop whatever may be happening and clears the request to allow me to continue working... I am wondering if something has changed in my computer security to prevent popups from occurring within Storyline.... Anyone??? Suggestions??

The same occurs when I try to access any Content Library from within the Storyline application.

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Layne Barber

I sent a request into Articulate and they sent me an email providing some suggestions... I haven't applied them as yet... the reason I haven't implemented their suggestions is because I reinstalled the previous version (3-3-2020) and I could access the content library... So I have hesitated doing everything....

How about You??

I did notice that there were a lot of folks posting issues after they had updated their software version.... I am wondering if they have worked out some bugs since I was having problems...  I did get an email this morning from Articulate wondering how I was doing and if the suggestions resolved the problem.. I said that I would try them today... I let you know.. unless you have found a solution