Content Library slides names don't match and "missing" in template

Oct 17, 2018

Perhaps I do not understand how the templates from the Content Library are supposed to work, please help me understand. Using Serenity template:

  • Insert a slide (e.g. Title Layout) - slide looks good, templates "Clean" and "Serenity" now in project. So far, so good.
  • Names of Serenity template slides in project however do not match names of slides in Content Library and the number of slides for Serenity template in my project file is 23 while the number of slides in Content Library is 31. Why the difference?
  • If I go to "New Slide" and want to pick a layout, I don't know which one to pick as it doesn't match any name in the Content Library. Example: the "Title Layout" in from Content Library appears to "translate" to the "Small Image Left with Title" in my project Serenity template and yet if I choose it as a new slide, the layout doesn't look the same. I'm confused. 


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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Bill!

Slide Masters are different than Content Library Templates. Let's take a closer look at each!

  • When you insert a single Content Library Template into your file, you'll see a long list of layouts appear in the Slide Master.  These layouts simply contain placeholders for slide objects, but they are not fully designed and ready to go like the Content Library Templates are. 
  • You would only use the slide master layouts to make adjustments to the Content Library Templates, or to customize colors and fonts. 
  • If you want to design an entire course using the Serenity template, don't rely on the slide masters to design your slides. Instead, insert all of your slides straight from the Content Library.

I hope that helps to clear things up!

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