Content not showing on IExplorer 9

Hi, I've created a simple content with Articulate but the html5 does not load in Iexplorer 9

The loading wheel apears but then is a white screen and nothing happens. I'm running the content locally.

Is there any way to load articulate html5 content in explorer 9? Maybe i'm doing something wrong? and in Explorer10


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Juanjo Haro

Ok, I know is limited but is some way to see what happens running the content? 

I'm looking for a way to make html5 LMS courses to run in internet explorer whitout the use of flash and with no knowledge of js, css and you program is great for that thing. I know is a great risk to run html5 in IExplorer cause the browser does not support...

Thanks for help

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Juanjo,

I totally understand that you want to be able to show this content in IE, but unfortunately there's not much we can do about how the browser supports that type of content. You could try testing the content in an HTML5 comparison site and that might give you more feedback about what's happening. - this is a good site that will test the browser you're currently using for HTML5. Obviously, browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox are going to score higher than Internet Explorer because they provide more support for its features.

What type of content is it, exactly that isn't loading? Is it the entire course or a specific element? Can you post the .story file here so I can take a look?

Thanks again!