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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Pranali,

I'm afraid I'm having a little trouble understanding what's happening from your description.

Any chance you could share a little more information, screenshots or the .story file? This might help us better understand what's happening and (hopefully) share some suggestions to fix the issue.


Pranali Chaudhari

Hi Christine,

Thanks for reply. When one of slide of our course is loading at same time I am trying to call master slide layer i.e menu. but content of slide overlap on that master slide's layer. I have attached screen shot and .story file here.

can you please tell me why master slide layer overlap on slide while it is loading.



Steve Flowers

Hi Pranali,

The mechanic of layers is the one that is opened last will appear at the top. It looks like you can click your menu before the other layers appear. So they rise to the top above your master slide layer.

Couple of possible fixes for this. One of these would probably work.

  • Make all of your question selection layers load at once by changing the layer chain trigger to timeline starts.
  • Block the menu button until all of the layers have been loaded.
  • Remove the triggers that open your question layers from the layers themselves. Add a series of objects to your base layer that are staggered on the timeline. Use these objects to trigger opening your layers. To your menu layer, check "pauses base layer". This way, when the menu is opened, it'll stop new layers from being opened and they won't open atop your menu.