Content on the layers shifts slightly left+up automatically AND Sometimes the content on the base layer becomes invisible

Dear Community Members,

I am not able to find a reason behind an issue as described below. Please help me fix this.

Mainly in the question slides, my first problem was that the question text was getting invisible when I answer the question correctly and come back to the same question from menu. At this stage, the correct feedback layer is visible as desired (I've kept the revisit setting of the slide to "Resume to Saved State"); but the question text and one more object (question numbers kept in a shape) become INVISIBLE (whereas ideally they should be visible as the content on the base layer). It doesn't happen when I first answer the question either incorrectly + take one more attempt using Try Again layer + answer the question correctly. It happens only when I revisit the already correctly answered questions from the Menu.

To workaround this issue, I pasted the question text and the question numbers on the feedback layers and my first problem got resolved. BUT the second problem emerged as below:

The content on the base layer and the same content copied and pasted on the feedback layers (perfectly matched sizes and pixels as on the base layer) - are not matching in terms of their location a bit. Content on layers is shifting a bit to the left + a bit upwards. This is something weird and I am not able to fix this on my own.

Please help me understand where the cause of this problem lies.

P.S.: This shifting of the content on the layers is happening on other normal slides as well (not just question slides).

P.S.2: The MCQ options (which are also a part of base layer), are perfectly visible on the feedback layer when I revisit the slide. It's only the question stem and question number (both these are on the white background) become invisible whereas there is nothing that can stop them from appearing on the screen when I revisit.

Thanks in advance!



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