Content open/close trigger to play/stop media not working in html5


I've read other posts about glitches relating to audio and html5 but I haven't found a solution to my problem...

Example 1

On a slide I have some text and button/marker which displays some additional info.

I have audio file 1 (audio version of the text) set to play automatically.

I have set up a trigger to pause audio file 1 and play audio file 2 (the additional info) when the the content opens (which is when the button/marker is clicked).

I have also set up a trigger to stop audio file 2 when the content closes so they don't play at the same time.

Example 2

I have a diagram (a marker interaction) with 4 markers. I've set each one to play a separate audio file when opened.

So I have:

Marker Shape 1

Play media Sound 1 When content open

Stop media Sound 1 When content closing

Marker Shape 2

Play media Sound 2 When content open

Stop media Sound 2 When content closing

Both these examples are perfect in the preview, in html and in flash but they don't work at all in html5. 

Any workarounds or solutions out there?



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