Content pauses between slides on iPad

I have created a course articulate 360 that is .mp4s that auto advance between slides.  The content, once published to our LMS, is having trouble on iPads.  It will play a slide or two or three and then just stop.  If I press pause and then play again, it will start playing and be able to finish the slide.  Any advice or suggestions? 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mariel,

Sorry you're running into that trouble! That sounds similar to an issue we are tackling in Storyline 360, and I'd like to have our team take a closer look at your file to determine whether you're running into a bug.

Would you mind sending your original (unpublished) file to us by clicking here? In the description field, be sure to include the version of the iPad and the browser you're using. 

We'll help you get this sorted out as soon as possible!