content screen cut off in Docebo Cloud and CrossKnowledge

Jan 31, 2014

I've been testing our content on a few LMS systems and noticed that on Docebo Cloud and CrossKnowledge, the screen is cut off on the bottom and right when viewing on an iPad. The items have been set to open in a new browser, so it does launch on a new tab on the iPad. Any ideas why the screen is being cut off? This happens even if I resize the project to make the screen smaller.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Lilian,

You mentioned this happens in both Docebo Cloud and CrossKnowledge - does it not happen in any others you've tested? 

Also, you're viewing HTML5 content if launching in Safari - have you tested this in Flash/Articulate Mobile Player? If so, does the same thing happen here?


lilian soon

Hi Christine, the content works fine if output as html5 and allowed to launch in the Articulate Mobile Player. However, launched from within an LMS on Safari, it always exhibits the behaviour of being cut off on the bottom and right. CrossKnowledge are looking into it right now to see if they can adapt their code to display it properly. Thanks.