Content won't play in mobile Safari

Jul 04, 2014

Ug, I really don't want to post this because I fear it's something silly that I'm doing wrong, but I'm really at a loss. I've combed the forums and done all the trouble shooting I can think to do!

I'm designing a course that needs to be viewed on an ipad, specifically using Safari. I can view the content on my ipad in Chrome but cannot get it to load in Safari. I've viewed courses on my ipad in the past which makes this even more baffling. I don't get an error or anything. I see the grey, spinning Articulate wheel for 1 to 5 seconds, then the screen goes white.

Here are more details:

-I've tried content that was published by me as well as another person.

-Private browsing is turned OFF

-it's an ipad 4

-ipad updated to most recent iOS

Any assistance would be much appreciated!

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