Content works great on a computer - not on iPad

Aug 25, 2016

Has anyone had issues with courses working fine on computer but on an iPad - issues arise?

Example: I have a button on a screen that is hidden - there is an interaction that contains 10 sections (which I placed in layers) after the last layer - when they click continue - that should trigger the hidden button to appear - works great on the computer - button never appears on the iPad.

Our field employees ( who mainly use iPads) are always having these types of issues. I have even published the content in TinCan to see if that would resolve the issue. It is not my LMS - I tested in the scorm cloud - and it works fine on a computer but same issue on the iPad.

I am at my wits end - Storyline should be mobile compatible and the more I use it the less I believe it so. 

Any ideas of why certain triggers or states don't work on the iPad?

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Russell Still

Unfortunately, in almost all cases, Flash output on a conventional computer will get a much better result than HTML5 on an iPad. This has been a longstanding problem. Our lives would have been so much easier if the world would just have stayed with Flash. My company has an >extensive< amount of training content in several large courses. We rarely get support calls about problems when the Flash version is running. Almost all the support problems arise from content not playing properly on iPads. 

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