Content works in SCORM Cloud but not in SuccessFactors LMS

Dear All,

I am in a weird situation!. I received an e-Learning packages designed in SCORM 2004 4th Ed. from our in-house content developer. The logic defined as follows:

1. User has to navigate all through the content to attempt the quiz

2. Pass mark of the quiz is set to 90 or above

3. User can take multiple iterations till they pass the course



1. On the last slide of the quiz (at the score page), there is button designed called 'Retry Test' which allows the user to re-take the quiz if they fail in the quiz. The developer has enabled this button to appear even if user secured 90 or 100 in the quiz. We (System Admin) recommended to hide the button if user secures 90 or above. Developer has made the changes. When the content was tested in SCORM Cloud, the button is invisible when user secures 90 or 100. But the same content when tested in SuccessFactors LMS, the button appears there. How to fix this?


2. Based on the above logic, the content is triggering the latest score but not the best score of all the attempts made by the user within a single launch. For example, if user secures 20, 80, 90, 100, 80 within a single launch using the 'Retry Test' button. When i close the content window after securing 80 (in the last attempt), and checked in LMS, the course appears in Learning History, but when the score appears as 80 which is incorrect. As per the logic, course should be in Learning History only if user secures 90 or above. How to fix this?

When the above two issues were reported to the developers, they argued that the problem lies within the LMS not in the content. Can anyone please look into this and do the needful?




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Dave Cox

If you want to see what happens between the Storyline module and the LMS, you can put the course in debug mode. This article shows how. (You don't have to open the project in storyline to do this, you just need a text editor.) This will open an additional window, and you can view all of the transactions between the course and the lms. Be aware, this window shows a LOT of data. You can look for the scorm specific data fields to see what is getting passed from the course to SCORM

I use a slightly different method when I want to view just what and when scores are sent to the LMS. This method below allows you to view just when the score is passed.

For SCORM 2004, go to your storyline output folder, or the published zip file and then to the lms folder. In this folder, open the SCORM2004Functions.fs file in a text editor. (Not word, but something that can edit pure text like notepad or Dreamweaver.) Search for the function SCORM2004_SetScore. In this function, immediately following the WriteToDebug statement, add the following:

Console.log("SCORM2004 Score: " + intScore);

Reupload your course to your lms. When the course starts, press F12 in your browser to open the developer debug panel and select the console tab. As you go through the course, you will see the score logged here each time it updates.

I hope that this helps.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ashok,

I'd agree with Dave's suggestions here, as if it behaves as you'd expect in SCORM Cloud then you'll want to defer to the LMS for additional information and work. I'd suggest sharing with them the results from SCORM Cloud and if you're enabling the LMS debug mode you could share the information from SCORM Cloud and the SuccessFactors so that they could see the different ways the information was reported and displayed.