Continue button not taking me to the next slide while previewing entire project


I 've included the storyline slide here. When I preview the entire project, I get stuck on slide 1.2 Process Interaction slide. I am not sure why. I have added the trigger Jump to next slide and it still doesn't take me to the next page. I v'e added instructions and I am not sure about them.

After oval 9 (group 9), I should be able to then click on continue to next page, but nothing happens

Please help 

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Prudence,

you are not hiding any of the layers when the user clicks 1 - 9 so the continue button is covered up.  The player Next button didn't have a trigger to move to Next slide which I added in - but I'm not sure if you are using player nav or custom nav

See this Peek video