Continue from the point where you stopped when viewing a video

Hello, I have the following scenario:
There is a single 30-minute video within a slide, and the user must exit and return to the slide by continuing to watch the video from where they left off. I tested it with Player: Modern with the option "on restart" in "Request the return" and did not slip in the "When Revisited" option in "Resume recording status" and did not work.
I'm using the 360 ​​plot in the v.3.28.18944 update and the HTML5 version.
Do you know any solution to this or when will be released a new update with this solution?

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What can be translated to the case that does not exist, is an implementation application, because it is a good argument, whereas for the implemented it will be very legal.

As for what you were not, it was exactly the fact that the plot did not allow him to be up to date and did not have the point of view of watching the video.

Thanks for the attention and I'm waiting for news.

Michael Anderson

Here's a demo using the VideoJS player to resume a video where the user left off. This is great if your slides contain longer videos. The video is embedded directly into the project as a web object and is not loaded onto a streaming service.