Continue to new slide after drag and drop interaction

Feb 06, 2021

Hi. I am at my wits end. I want to have the user drag to the correct target, which then a lightbox opens. When clicking out of the lightbox, the slide resets  to the initial state. However, when I drop the last object, it goes immediately to the congratulations slide before showing the lightbox. I've attached the file and hope someone can help! Thanks in advance.

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Luiza Quinto

Hello, Nora!

I'm able to replicate the same concern, thanks to the file that you attached. What I've noticed is that there are two actions that are triggered when the state of the logos changes - the last lightbox pops up (very quickly) and the 'congratulations' slide is shown.

To work around these overlapping actions, I've transferred the 'congratulations' slide to a new layer on the main slide. This way, the lightbox window will not be overlaid by another slide so that when the user closes the lightbox window, he/she will immediately read the text on the new layer ('congratulations').

Here's a sample of this. I hopes this helps you in any way!