Continue vs Submit

Hi to all:

I have developed a small quiz with storyline 360, the issue I have is with a "hotspot" type question.

When I select in the quiz the "hotspot" image and press the continue button the result slide give me (0) points but if I use the same quiz "hotspot" question and I submit it using the Player it give me (10) points...The value of the question

What am I doing wrong?

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Walt Hamilton

I'm not at a time or place where I can make a sample. Select the continue button, and add a new trigger. Select Submit from the trigger menu, and the wizard will guide you through the rest of the process.  You will probably need to delete any other triggers you have associated with the continue button.

As a design consideration, I almost never use the built-in submit button. For one thing, on the modern player, it is too hidden and a lot of people have trouble finding it, unless they are Storyline developers and know where to look. I almost always use a Continue button.