Continuous Music Over Multiple Slides

Sep 13, 2016

I am adding music to a presentation and since the timing of some of the slides is short, I want to continue the music onto the next slide. I'm sure the capability exists, I just can't figure out where to start.



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Ali Goulet

Hi Gary- Thanks for reaching out here! Although background music across a course is not a built in feature in Storyline 2, I wanted to share some resources to check out that may help you accomplish what you're looking to do:

Hope that helps! :)

Correy Adams

I needed to create a short 1 min "advertisement" video for a training course series... and I wanted to play some stock music across all slides.  Since timing interactions to the music wasn't necessary, I just created my "video" in Storyline... exported the video.... then popped the mp4 file into a video editor and added the music track that way.  Then I re-exported the video and now it has the sound file attached.  It's a "fix" not a solution bc if you need to time interactions to the music... this wouldn't be ideal.

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