contract opportunity

Hi all...

This just in from a cold call a few minutes ago...



A Pass Educational Group, LLC is looking to hire up to five full time instructional designers who would work over the next year, potentially longer, on specific project work. The individuals will work on the status of contracted retainers. 

Selected individuals will be responsible for developing 180 minute exercises focused on algebra and pre-algebra, designed to put students into scenarios in which they must use math knowledge and skills for practical purposes. IDs will work with subject matter experts; however, they should possess some math skills. 

The idea candidates will have at least one year experience designing instruction for middle and/or high school students. They will also have demonstrated excellence in both instructional design work and the use of StoryLine. 

Selected individuals will receive a retainer payment of $4,000 per month. 

To apply for this position please complete an online application at

Thank you very much!!


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