Contract Opportunity Available for Bluechip Organisation (Developer)

We are looking for a developer to continue the development of both Storyline and Presenter templates for a large international client. The templates are written using the Storyline and Presenter SDK's so the developer should have demonstrable experience developing similar templates and experince using Flash AS3.

Can work remotely. 

If you would be interested in the work please reply to this post and send previous examples of work.





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Gil Tarallo

I have a solid portfolio (please, confirm) and +6 years of experience working e-learning courses.

This is a rough sample for a new course with interactions and video.

Another sample with infographics and some interaction.

I'm finishing a project that has 15000 slides (15 courses). It's a ITIL course. You can see a sample:


This is a demo with dummy text. It has some interactive examples.

This is my flash projects. They are in portuguese.

Dennis Hall

Hi Alex:

Actually, the original reason for building the components was because Articulate had not yet released an SDK. The components are pre-SDK products.

I had also built HTML versions for the products, however, in order to use them, there is a great deal of pre-course setup and post-publishing script copying to do to make the HTML parts work.

I have also run into an issue specific to the Horizontal Notes component since the release of SL2 and am still waiting for Articulate (after about 9 months) to get back to me on changing the width of the Notes in SL2.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall