Control Audio When Re-entering a Slide

Can someone walk me through the variable controls I could use to do the following?

I am on Scene 1 Slide 10 with a button that jumps me to Scene 2. When I complete the last slide in Scene 2, I jump back to Slide 10 in Scene 1. I want the audio to play when I first hit slide 10 but not to play again when I return from Scene 2.  I tried creating a variable and setting it to True when I click the button on slide 10 (which jumps me to Scene 2) and a trigger on the slide to stop media if variable=true but the media still played when I return from Scene 2.  I am sure I am missing something or misplacing the triggers.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.  Thanks!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Neil

sounds like you're on the right track so it might be trigger order or condition that is causing the issue.

The trigger when returning to Slide 10 Scene 1 should be 'when timeline starts' on that slide?

If that's doesn't work, share the .story file and someone can take a look for you.