Control over swipe functionality?

Mar 31, 2017

I have a few slides where I use triggers and variables to hide the next button until the learner completes the actions on the slide. It's worked great, but now that we're using the mobile html5 output, the user on a mobile device can just swipe past the page. Is there a way to restrict or control the swipe functionality, or do I just need to resign to turning the swipe feature off on those specific slides (because allowing them to move fwd w/out finishing the content is not an option in this case)?  I love the swipe, so I feel sad about having to disable that.

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Judy Nollet

Kristin, I've been searching the forum this morning specifically to find out if disabling the NEXT button also disables the ability to swipe next. You post was in the search results, though it sounds like you were hiding the NEXT button, not disabling it.

To follow the question about whether disabling the NEXT button disables swiping, check out this thread: prevent user from swiping through content with a trigger.

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