Controlling object states

Apr 20, 2015

Hi there 

I am trying to set up a slide with text examples that reveal when hovered over and then can be selected when the used clicks. I've managed this portion, but once a user a selected an example I don't what it to change if they happen to hover over it again. So just in summary 

  • Objects appear in normal state 
  • User hovers to reveal text, object changes to visited state
  • The user clicks on the object, it changes to selected

What I don't want is the shape to change back to visited from selected if the user hovers again (unless they click to de-select) and this is where I'm stuck.

My trigger is set up as per screen shot, which I thought would solve the issue but it hasn't and I am going around in circles! 

Trigger set up

I've uploaded the slide so you can take a look


p.s there are some other trigger for points scoring that can be ignored for this (unless they are somehow part of the issue!)




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Laura Smith

Thanks Leslie! That's great. Just shows that sometimes simplicity is key! 

Just to add, the forums are great! I've only been using Articulate for a few months, without any formal training and I've been able to find the answer to most of my questions either in the tutorials or on one of the forums. 

Good stuff! :)

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