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Kelly Kelley

I share your frustration Keith! This is particularly painful when you're working with a complex timeline with multiple images, timings and video thrown in.  I spent a ridiculous amount of time doing just that on a project I was working on recently. Easily doubled my production time on that slide. I just submitted a feature request for it as well. (Adding to the frustration, if you select the image in the timeline and drag it just past the start of the timeline and hold it there, it will "auto-rewind", but it's so slow it's not worth waiting for. :/  I requested they fix that too!  :-)  )

Lida Greyling

The only way to "limit" that frustration of "show untill end" is to copy a previous object, however, if you paste it, you have to right-click and choose "Align to playhead. That is taking about 50% of my development time. I would like to be able to choose if I want the copied object to be pasted where my playhead is. I wil also submit a request for that