Controlling audio on customozed audio button

Oct 11, 2013


I have customized the interface of my storyline course. I am trying to add audio on and off functionality.

Can you please help.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Shivani,

It depends on what you want to do with the audio on each layer - but the common situation is pause the audio when moving to a new layer, and if you revisit a previous layer that the audio replays. This thread has a solution shared (that I've copied below):

To switch to different layers without having the previous audio from other layers or base layer playing, you have to add a trigger to your "navigation buttons" (ones you use to switch to a different layer) to STOP the media then you can just have the layer properties configured to "reset to initial state" so that when they go back to it.. it plays from the beginning.

Here are some other tips I got from Jeanette Brooks.

1 - To reply the audio from the start if they leave the slide before it's finished, you would need to change the slide properties to "Reset to initial state." That way the entire slide restarts if they come back to it. More on slide properties here:

2 - If you want to prevent the audio from playing if the slide has been completed before, there really isn't a feature for that but you could control this by creating a true/false variable for each slide, to monitor whether the audio has played completely. Check out this discussion thread where Brian explains how to do it:

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