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Hi there,

Can anybody please help me on the below issue ?

I am facing some difficulty in incorporating notes into a course on storyline 1. I have to use customized buttons for play, pause and notes in my course, even though we have inbuilt buttons for those in storyline.

In the attached sample, I have added pause layer to pause the timeline and put the pause button in the base lase layer & play button in the pause layer. I also have a "notes" button such that when the user click the notes button, it should display the corresponding notes.

When I click the pause button. the timeline is getting paused. But, the problem here is, when I click the notes button, even though the timeline is paused, the timeline starts playing again. 

In short, I need the play & pause buttons to retain its state even when the notes button is clicked or closed.

Kindly help me..

Thanks in advance.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ammu,

The pause layer is set to pause the timeline of the base layer whereas the "notes" layer does not have that selected as an option. In regards to retaining the state - it seems that the buttons are different the base and the layer - instead of a state of the button on the main base layer. I'd look at using states and there is some additional information here about using states. 

Donna Morvan

Hello Ammu,

First off, I see you are using storyline 1 - as such, I can't share the edited file with you because I'm using Storyline 2. That said, there are a couple of issues why this is not working.

ISSUE 1: You hit "Pause" button - this pauses the timeline but when you click "Notes" button in this Paused state - it resumes the timeline of the base layer.

The reason why it does so is because you are moving to the Notes layer when you click the "Notes" button and that layer is not set to "pause the timeline of the base layer". Thus, resuming everything (as explained by Ashley and Walt).

To continue in a "Paused" state when clicking on Notes, you have options but if I'm right with what I think you want to happen, then you have to:

1. Create a T/F variable that monitors the state of the timeline. In this case, I called it "SlidePaused" with default value of false.

2. Add a trigger that will change the SlidePaused variable to True. In this project, it's simple enough. I set it so that the variable value changes to True when the "Paused" button is clicked on the base layer.

3. Now that you have this setup, you can then add a trigger to the "Notes" button on the base layer to pause the timeline of the slide upon the condition that the SlidePaused variable's value is equal to true. You are in short telling it to "continue with the paused state".

This should resolve the issue with the timeline not staying in a paused state when they click Notes.

ISSUE 2: Resume the timeline of base layer regardless whether you are in the notes layer or pause layer.

4. To ensure that this continues to work. You have to add another trigger to reset the value of the SlidePaused variable (to false). To do this, I used the Play button on the Pause Layer.

5. Now that it's reset, we want to finally add a slide trigger on the Base Layer to resume timeline if the SlidePaused Variable is set to False. In short you're telling it to unpause.


ISSUE 3: I'm in a paused state. I see the Play button which is good. I can easily click on it to resume but if I click Notes button while I'm paused, it brings up the notes but then I lose the play button. If I want to resume the timeline, the only option I have is to close the notes by clicking on the X mark. 

To resume playback without having to close Notes (for a seamless feel), I recommend you:

Add the play button to the Notes layer as well.

This sounds easy but the tricky bit is you don't always want to show the Play button. For example, you are not in a paused state. 

To do this, what I did is:

1. Add the play button to the notes layer with default state "Hidden".

2. Add a layer trigger to change the state to normal based upon the value of the SlidePaused variable. In short you're the play button if the timeline is paused.

3. As always, in order to keep the cycle of operation working, add a reset trigger for your play button state. In this case, I used the "X" button on your Notes layer. 

ISSUE 4: The navigation between layers are a little off. To illustrate, if I hit Pause, it brings me to the pause layer which is fine. In this paused state, I click Notes, it shows Notes. Great. But when I click the X to close the notes - it automatically jumps back to the base layer as opposed to bringing me back to the Pause layer. I guess this can work if that's your design but I recommend you set conditions for a more seamless feel (I hope I'm making sense).

To achieve this seamless feel:

Add conditions to your operations assigned to the X button.

Lastly, to avoid confusion on how to close the Notes panel, I added a hotspot over top of the notes button to force the behavior that they should use the X button (see previous figure)


Here are the triggers on the base and layers






If all goes well then it should do what I imagined you wanted to do (see published project). Otherwise, well.. I hope you learned something!

Hope this helps.

Ammu Harish

Hey Donna Morvan,

I really really thank you for the effort you took to help me out...You are great !!!! I appreciate the community as well for the prompt replies.

Well, I will go through the steps. I do not have storyline 2. but trust this would really help me. I'll let you know the feedback.

Thanks Ashley as well..