Controlling Engage files imported into Storyline

Aug 15, 2013

I have recently converted a course I had originally built using powerpoint  - presenter and engage, to storyline, and improted the engage files.

I have adjusted the next slide option in the engage tools, but I am still seeing next button on the player.

We want the learner to view all the images and variables in the engage file so originally had the "next slide " button hidden until all were viewed.

After importing, and even after the engage tool adjustment, the main player "Next" button is still available without requiring you to view all the engage content.

I saw some instructions on managing variables to temporarily disable the Next button... will that work on engage? seems excessive...

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Jim  Bates

Ashley , this is exactly what I need but I dont see how to specify complete the engage timeline navigation, or view all engage images... Someone else in another thread said I couldnt control navigation based on engage because it was a web object... I am not convinced that is correct, but am struggling to find the way to write the rule for the Engage slide. Seems like I should be able to say restore the next button when the engage buttons have all been viewed?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jim,

My apologies, the piece that I was also missing for you, was how to remove the Next button from within the Engage, not just the standard Storyline button. This article provides you steps to do that.

This thread provides the two other links your looking for on how to control the navigation by editing the Engage itself, and if you wanted to only show the next slide button once all parts of the Engage interaction have completed. You'll notice that these are specific to within Engage, and because it will be inserted into Storyline as a web object, the navigation is then controlled by Storyline. 

Ashley Webb

I also have the same question and don't believe any of the tutorials/articles provided are quite answering the question for me. The problem is that in Storyline the next button at the bottom of the player overrides the engage next button. Therefore our learners are able to skip the engage interaction altogether by clicking the Storyline player's next button even though we have set the engage interaction to "Show the next slide button when complete." The picture below shows the problem. See how storyline has a next button at the bottom, but looking at the engage you can tell it is not complete yet. I have also tried to hide the next button in the Storyline player but then it will not change slides at all. We have tried variables as well but there doesn't seem to be a "state" for the engage interaction. Any help with this matter would be great! Thank you!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ashley,

You're right - this gets a bit complicated. This is because Storyline sees Engage interactions (even those inserted from '09) as web objects. Storyline doesn't have control over content that's inserted as a web object. Say, for example, you had a web page inserted in that slide - Storyline couldn't control the web page's advancement from the "Next" or "Previous" buttons.

One option, though I'm not sure if it would help, would be to try to time the slide with the interaction. If you can estimate how much time a user should spend on that interaction, you can adjust the Storyline slide timeline to match it.

You could then adjust a variable when the timeline ends, and trigger the next button on the condition that the variable has been adjusted.

Let us know if you have any questions, or need any help with this!


Curt Zilbersher

Christine, could you tell me if Storyline (Articulate 360) still sees Engage as a web object and, as such, is it not possible to control the Engage interaction from within Storyline?  The two functions I would like to be able to perform from an Engage interaction embedded in a  Storyline slide is:  1) have the pause button in Storyline pause the slide including the audio playing in the Engage interaction, and; 2) have the Replay button in Storyline replay the Engage interaction.  Do you know if either of those requirements are possible?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Curt,

Christine doesn't get into the forums as much anymore in her new role, but luckily we've got a team of other rockstars here to help you out. :-) 

Engage will still appear in Storyline 360 as a web object, and you can see that documented here. So the Storyline player functions won't import the Engage element as you had seen previously. 

Hope that helps! 

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