Controlling Navigation Using True/False Variables

Jun 04, 2017

I am sure this has been covered somewhere but I can't seem to get some basic variables to work.  I have a simple menu that has two topics and a test (three menu selections).  I want to make the student view the content in the two topic areas before they have access to the test.  I have the button for the test set to disabled as its initial state.  I have two (true/false) variables I am attempting to use to ensure they complete the two topics first.  I am using some "%VariableName%" text boxes to track the variables and they seem to be working.  They are initially set to FALSE and then set to TRUE when the student views the last screen in each of the two topics.  When they are both TRUE I want the button that accesses the Test to become active.  I cannot get it to set the button to active even though the variables seem to be changing correctly.  Any ideas?  Thanks!  (I am using Storyline 2.)

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Walt Hamilton

I'm guessing you are using a trigger with its "when" set to when "state of ... is..."

Sometimes, that  works if the timing is just right, and the phase of the moon is aligned with the user's birthday, and the stock market is within a certain range. What I mean is sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't , and none of us can predict when it will work. Here is a recent thread ( that explores the idea on 360, but it works exactly the same in SL2. The original author and I both submitted support cases, and Articulate support has replicated the problem.

The trigger to change the button needs to be fired on an action, such as "when timeline starts", or when variable changes"

I you are experiencing some other problem, maybe you can attach your .story file here, and someone can take a look at it.

Quality1 Winchester

Thank you for the feedback.  I am attaching my file below.  I apologize for the appearance.  It contained some content the client would deem sensitive, so I provided a sanitized version (attached).  I still am unsure why my two variables aren't doing the job because they seem to be working.  I tried using the "visited" function but I really need to be able to use an item the student visited on another slide and then have it report that as "visited" back to the Main Menu so that the Final Test option becomes active.  Is the "visited" function only available for objects that are located on the same slide?   Any feedback would be appreciated.

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