Controlling size of Video file played in external browser window


I would like to play a video in a new browser window. I am doing this by using the standard storyline facility to embed a video. It all works well except for the fact that the new browser window fills my whole screen whereas I would like it to be small and superimposed on the lesson screen. I have tried adjusting the size of the video but that makes no difference.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Andrew Lian

Thank you very much Wendy. I don't think I explained myself properly. I am not looking at controlling the size of the lesson screen itself. I am actually looking for a way of controlling the size of a secondary browser opened specifically to play a video and created by the options tab when you embed a video in a lesson. At the moment, when I get the video running it opens into a full-screen browser.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Andrew,

I don't know of any ways to control the size at which the new browser window will open. You might want to look into some customized Javascript coding to see if there are any options you can set there in regards to the new window size. Although I suspect the user may be able to override that by setting the window to maximize themselves.