Controlling User Access to Layers Assistance Needed


I am a new user to SL2.  

I have audio on abase layer with two buttons on separate layers that also have audio. I need to know how to control the screen so the learner listens to the audio on the base layer. Then clicks one button, listens to that audio and then subsequently clicks the other button.

I've researched this but cannot figure it out myself.  I have tried a few different triggers with no success.

Sadly, I have not used conditions very much and feel that may be the solution.

Can someone assist or advise where I can best learn about triggers and conditions? There is so much information out there, I feel as though I am getting tangled in content with no clear direction.

I'd really like to understand how to make this work and would appreciate any guidance.

Thank you for your time.

I've attached my file.  The screen in question is 1.4

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Crystal Horn

Hey Maribeth!  Welcome to Storyline!  Glad you're reaching out in the Community for's a great place.

I think your presentation is coming along really nicely.  I went to Slide 1.4 and did a preview.  The base layer audio played, and when I clicked on each of the buttons, their associated audio tracks also played well.

I think you want to make sure you don't have overlapping audio between the layers and the base.

Some simple tweaks:

  • Move the Acute and Chronic buttons down on the timeline so that they don't appear until your base layer audio ends.  If they aren't there, they can't be clicked!  Here's a quick Peek screencast of how I did that with the Chronic button.
  • You could use States to control those buttons as well.  They could start out with an initial state of disabled or hidden, and you can set a trigger to change the state to normal when the media (audio on base layer) completes.  I did this method with the Acute button in your file.

You could get more in depth with setting variables to control the buttons' behaviors, but I like to keep it as simple and clean as possible.

The nice thing about those layers is that the audio doesn't overlap between them.  So we need to just keep the base layer audio separate.

The only other addition you could make would be to have some on slide button/icon to hide the Chronic and Acute layers and return to the base layer.  The rewind button on the seekbar accomplishes it, though, so you're still in pretty good shape!

Attached is your file with those suggestions.

Maribeth  Radtke

Hi Crystal,

Thank you so much for the detailed solutions! I very much appreciate it. I agree keeping projects clean and simple is the best way to go. I don't want to complicate matters!

Your solutions sound easy enough for me to implement quickly.

Thank you again. Take care and have a great day!