Controlling when a results slide writes back to our LMS

Mar 22, 2018


We have a course running in our LMS that was created in Storyline 360. The issue we are having is that when a learner exits in the middle of the course it is writing back the score to our LMS and saying they have failed rather than incomplete. 

The results slide is right at the end of the course so this confuses me. 

Is there something we can fix?


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Leanne Falconer


It is currently published as Passed/Incomplete but the real issue is that it is sending the score to our LMS even if they have not completed the course (which means they have not answered all the questions) and the LMS is reading it as failed as they have not reached the required % to pass. Is there no way to stop it from submitting the score until all the questions have been answered?

We have not had this issue before so I am trying to figure out what we have done differently.

Going to test in SCORM cloud to see what it does. 



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