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Belen Ferrer

Hi all--

Zak that timer is great! I removed all the extraneous variables and re-recorded the Silence clip. Instead of setting minuteInitial and secondInitial to a value, just set the default value in the variables' dialog box.

I also created a Master Layout with the timer, for those folks out there looking to use Masters. The timer font, size, and colors are all customizable, since they are just a text box.

Hope this is helpful!


Rick Nusz

simple+timer turned out perfect! I needed something really easy that counted up to 5 seconds, which triggers an object to go from hidden to normal when the timer is (>=) greater than or equal to 5.

It's simplicity makes it eloquent.

      Make a number variable set to 0 (zero)

      Insert a sound file that is 1 second of silence  (not on slide but right outside of it in the gray area)

      Now add 2 triggers to your sound file

      Add 1.00 to your variable when media ends

      Play Media when media ends

so the above says Add 1 to my timer when my sound file is finished AND ALSO play my media from the beginning when it completes-somebody mentioned perpetual motion and I agree!!

As I said, I needed mine to show something at or after 5 seconds, so the logic looked like this: 

Many Thanks, Mr. Heersink!

Sally Matson

None of the links in this thread are working for me :0(  I click on them and just get a web page full of code.

I appreciate that the thread is 2 years old but many more recent threads are linking to this one. 

I really need a countdown timer like the one shown by Roman Augustin.  Is anyone able to share one with me please?

Bill Techau

Okay . . . I am not as experienced at developing elearning courses with SL as so many on this form are.  To make the counter work, do the variables, etc., need to be on each slide (operating in the background, of course)?

I am embarrassed to show my ignorance.  I am slowly learning how better to use SL.  It is becoming a passion of mine.  As soon as I feel confident about a certain body of knowledge with SL, I realize that body needs to grow and add parts!

I suppose that is what learning is.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bill

No apologies necessary and you are welcome to ask plenty of questions! 

The variables will only be adjust on the slide where the trigger exists, so if as in the image above you'd like to add 1 to the Timer after each media element, you'd need that trigger on every slide that included one. You don't need to use a different variable - just keep adding to the existing one. Have you already taken a look at the tutorials here on adding variables? 

Solange Richard

I just want to say thank you!  Your sample was very helpful. 

I had to create a timer for a listening comprehension quiz where the students can hear the audio twice and only twice while they answer questions about the audio reading.

I've joined the modified file since it can help others with similar needs.

At the end, an invigilator can enter a password to allow students to listen once more in case of technical problems.

By the way this would also answers Julie's question but it's 4 months old so I might just be too late!

Jeremy Heersink

It depends on which file you're looking at. I haven't looked at the one i posted in a very long time, but if i recall correctly, it was just a timer to count up/down depending on if you added or subtracted. I would set up 3 variables as some other have done in their examples. M, S1, S2. Add 1 to S2 each time the counter changes. If S2 is 10, add 1 to S1, and set S2 back to 0.  Do same for S1 except reset when it gets to 6, and add to M. To display, you'd have %M:%S1%S2.  Hope that helps.