Conversion from S2 to 360 Issue


We have over 180 courses, many translated into other languages, in S2. With Flash going away and causing issues with courses in Chrome and IE we recently took a few courses and copied them, and then upgraded them to 360 with an HTML5 only publish format. Our French Manual Handling course was copied onto my desktop, and published locally, and then I tested it in SCORM Cloud. I read several posts that sometimes the triggers did not always copy well, so I went slide by slide and looked at all of them. There were no unassigned triggers. Since this is a Safety course, we have many triggers.

I get to a certain slide, and can no longer get the slide to work properly, see attached image. Yet, it should work fine. I have attached both the S2 and 360 files. Can someone please explain what is going on?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Melissa!

Thanks for sharing your file with me. 

On slide 2.6, you have a trigger to Change the state of the next button to Hidden when the timeline starts. 

However, I do not see a trigger to change the state of the next button to Normal at any point. When do you want the Next button to become enabled on that slide?

Melissa Morrison

Hi Ashley,

The S2 file is attached in my first post. Nothing about the course, triggers or variables was changed, except updating it to S360. The course worked perfectly in S2 in over 10 LMS throughout our company in 18 languages. Now, I have to deal with the possibility that if we convert to S360 for the purpose of HTML5 only publishing, that I will having cascading issues with triggers and variables not working.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Melissa,

I've done some more testing on this, and I wanted to share my findings with you.

Since this problem happens when upgrading a Storyline 2 file to Storyline 360, I tried creating a quick sample file in Storyline 2 using triggers very similar to the triggers in your file. 

In your file, the "Change state of the next button to Normal" trigger is listed under Audio 1. Because that trigger has no association with Audio 1, I am not sure how it appeared under that heading. Apparently this doesn't cause an issue in Storyline 2, but it doesn't work in Storyline 360.

In the sample file I created, the "Change state of the next button to Normal" trigger is listed under Slide Triggers. This works correctly in both Storyline 2 and Storyline 360.

I've tested this backwards and forwards, and I'd like to get your help. Could you create a new Storyline 2 file that shows the "Change state of the next button to Normal" trigger listed under Audio 1? If you can help me understand how you set up that trigger, I may be able to nail down whether or not this is a bug. 


Melissa Morrison

Hi Alyssa,

This was done by a vendor, and I have 185+ courses. If you look in the Storyline 2 course on slide 3.4, you will see the same issue. The same fix works. I attached the English version, which the French version came from. The slides in S2 have the same triggers/variables. If I convert this to S360 will I get the same results?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Melissa, 

Thanks for letting me know. I'm really not sure how your vendor was able to attach "Change state of the next button to Normal" trigger to Audio 1. 

From my testing, it appears that this trigger won't work correctly in Storyline 360, as long as it is attached to Audio 1. If it is attached to the Slide Triggers, it should work correctly.