Conversion from Storyline1 to Storyline2 - Variables change on their own

Apr 28, 2015

Hi folks. I have come across some navigation issues that arise when converting Storyline1 to v2 files. In several places, "and/or" variables switch in the Trigger Wizard during the conversion process, leaving the navigation buttons inoperative. However, the Trigger summary description appears to be correct. I have cross referenced the original v1 files with the v2 files and verified the mysteriously changed variables in the player triggers. Is there a fix for this?

Thank you. 

Dave W

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Parashuram Vhaval

Hello Dave,

Welcome to community.

In my previous project, I too came across this issue not only "and/or" replacing issue but it was changing operator too. Wherever operator was other than "Add" it replaced and made it "Add".

Sadly, I did not found any resolution to this, and reworked on that file to get things work correctly. 

May be this time someone will pop-in and help you, and increase my knowledge as well.

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