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Jul 31, 2012

I am looking to convert or re-publish all of my 09 files to HTML-5.  When I tested one the deck comes over but there is no audio.  Basically it behaves like it's narration was lost.  Does this mean that I have to re-record all of the narrations or is there is a simple way to capture all dat from an 09 publish into the new storyline?

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Bill Henderson

Actually after working on it longer, I did have success.  My issue was that I imported a copy of my power point, which had been published with presenter 09, from a folder that no longer included the corresponding ppta files.  Once I grabbed the correct power point from the folder with the ppta files the audio came over.

What I would add is that since publishing in Storyline and uploading the zipped file to my LMS the audio on some slides is not working.  However if I play the same course on my laptop from the same LMS platform, all of the audio is there????  Not sure why other than it must be something related to how my iPad wants to play it. 

Peter Anderson

Hey Bill

Thanks for the update. Not sure if this is relative to your course, but Mobile Safari does not allow audio to play that is not initiated or triggered by the user. Therefore, slides set to advance automatically will not have audio in HTML5 output that is viewed in mobile Safari. This article has more info. And here's a cool comparison matrix that shows you what you can expect with each unique output option. Hope that helps shed some light :)

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