Conversion of SL2 to SL3 and Next/Previous Hot Key Buttons

Feb 12, 2018

We are in the process of converting our SL2 projects into SL3.  All SL2 Projects had a hot key for the next slide (N) and the previous slide (P) which were located in the Slide Triggers.  We noticed that when we converted, all the N and P slide triggers moved down to the player Triggers.  You can double click in the player triggers to move them back to the slide trigger but as soon as you close out of the project file, they will revert back to the player trigger (see attachments). When you publish out in SL3 hot keys work great if the N and P were in the Slide Triggers originally. However, when you reopen the project and publish out again (keep in mind the P and N have now automatically moved to the player trigger) the hot keys work but if you answer a question slide and press submit you will move to the next slide.  The problem is, if you press previous and then try to use your mouse to move to the next slide.  The next button is deactivated with the mouse.  Has anyone else experienced this or know of a workaround?

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Hy Rillero

using v3.27.18822.0

Currently upgrading Storyline 1/2 files to 360 - many of the files do not have the play buttons visible/usable in preview. This is until the color of the slide in Player settings is changed. There are a great deal of projects that need to be upgraded - so this is a hassle to continuously do.

I cannot share slides as they all contain proprietary info, but they don't show anything that I haven't explained. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Hy,

Thanks for popping back in and sharing the additional details.

The two issues I see reported in this conversation are related to a key press trigger and slide triggers changing to player triggers in the sidebar, but nothing about colors or visibility.

Would you be able to share a sample slide with the proprietary information removed? Preferably one from Storyline 1 or 2 so that I can view it first and then upgrade to see the difference you are reporting.

You are welcome to share with our team privately here if need be for investigation if you prefer. Your project will be deleted when testing is completed.

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