Convert Blackboard quiz export file to Storyline quiz import file

We work a lot with test banks in ExamView when building courses. We need a quick way to convert those to Storyline Quiz import files. So we are getting ready to start work on a utility to convert Blackboard 6.0-7.0  quiz export files (zip format) to Storyline CSV import files. 

Before we start I was wondering if anyone anyone else has found a utility to convert Blackboard quiz files (or any other lms quiz files) to a Storyline import file? I have not been able to find one myselft.


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Edward Eckenstein

I have been creating the Storyline import files following the method outlined in the article "Importing Questions" that you both linked to in your response. However, that requires me to edit/reformat the export file from ExamView to get it into Storyline Quiz import format. That is time consuming if you have a large number of quizzes to convert. We're going to create a program to do that in order to save time and eliminate the possibility of introducing an error in the process. I don't want to do that if it already exisits. 

Its easier to make visually attractive/engaging quizzes in Storyline than an LMS. That's why we're doing it.