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Judith Blackbourn

Hi Marty,

Lucky for you, I just read Jeannette Brook's post on several quiz options.


Open the slide in the normal view, then from the Insert tab, select Convert to Freeform.

The icon then changes to Remove Freeform, so you can change your mind.

Hope this helps!

Judith Blackbourn

Here's a clip from her post that details the task.


The Convert to Freeform option allows you to quickly turn any content on your slide into a freeform question or interaction. For example, you can insert some images, characters, shapes, or any other objects onto your slide and then convert them to a drag-and-drop interactivity, a graphical multiple-choice, or any of several other forms of interactions.

Here's how to do it:

  1. While in Normal View, click the Insert tab.
  2. Select Convert to Freeform.
  3. When the following window appears, choose one of the options on the left and click OK.
  4. A question editor appears, where you'll be able to choose the items you want to use for your question or interaction, and set your preferences for the way the question works. Different types of freeform questions have different options. For help with setting up each type of freeform question, check out the section called "Customizing the Question" in each of the following tutorials:
  5. Once you're finished setting up your question or interaction, click Save & Close to return to the Normal View of your slide.

By Jeannette Brooks