Convert Slide to Layer? Hotspot triggers???

Mar 18, 2015

I am working on creating my first training using Storyline 2 (I am not a computer person...just digital native by birth, haha!).  I have created hotspots on an image that take participants to other slides to explore.  I wanted them to have to visit all of the hotspots before they could move on (but they can do them in any order).  I was able to set up a trigger to move on to the next slide once all hot spots have been visited, but can not set each individual hotspot to be considered 'visited' because they are all on the same image.  I think I should make the slides layers instead???  Is that the best way to handle the issue....and is it possible to turn a slide into a layer so I don't have to move all the content, including audio, over?

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