Convert to free form drag and drop - drop correct states

Hi All,

I have a convert to freeform drag and drop where I've checked the option for delay state change until user clicks submit and I have manually added drop correct states (using inbuilt state name) to all my drag and drop items. However my drop correct states don't show.

I assumed that, like selected and hover states, I wouldn't have to trigger them as SL would recognise the function. Is this correct or will I need to trigger them?

Thank you in advance

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Garrett Metz

Hi, I just had the same issue, and it appears that the Storyline Submit Player button is the only way to make it work as desired to change the colors, HOWEVER, I found a work around!!!! Storyline WILL allow us to refer to the drag items' state, so on the Try Again layer, we can write triggers to listen for what each drag items' state is, and then change it to a NEW correct and/or incorrect state. So each drag item now has 4 extra states; the two predefined correct/incorrect state, and the two new states. The trigger on the Try Again layer says: Change state of DragItem1 to NEW CORRECT, if STATE == Drag Correct. Change state of DragItem1 to NEW INCORRECT, if STATE == Drag Incorrect.