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Hi Support,

I have inserted an image into a slide. 

I used "Convert to Freeform" option (see 1.png).  I used the options in "Convert to Freeform" to select an accepted area (green) and 2 rejected areas (red), see 2.png.

When I preview my slide the cursor is a hand icon and allows me to click anywhere on the slide (see 3.png).  I would only like the hand cursor to appear when the user hovers over the red or green areas.

I have searched the help / message boards and I should be able to modify the hotspot using "Edit Drag and Drop" but this option does not exist.

Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance.

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Daniel Sposato (Philly)

I have run into this issue before. I couldn't find a way to just make the hotspots have a hand cursor.  The best way I know how to get around it is to not use the built in hotspots and make a custom interaction that works similarly.

The image below is a screen shot of the SL2 file I attached. The white selections around the number answers are shapes I made whit a transparency of 100%, but kept the outline. They have states for selected and hover. These sit above the answers. So the answers under could just as easily be a picture with areas that need to be clicked on. When you select one it simply sets a variable equal to the selection you made. There's a slide trigger to check once submit is selected and 2 slide layers for correct and incorrect depending on the answer.

It's more work, but you get the hand cursor only on the objects you want this way.

Matthew Brannan

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the files :)

@Walt - I've attached the project.

@Daniel - thanks, very nicely done.  My only concern is that there are too many triggers for some of our users.

@Leslie - Daniels method works exactly how i think the "Convert to Freeform > Hotspot" option should work. 

In the "Convert to Freeform > Hotspot" option we can set a correct answer zone and also incorrect answer zones.  Why do we bother setting incorrect answer zones when the whole slide is set as incorrect by default (i.e. hand appears everywhere and you can click but it will be incorrect).  The hand symbol should only appear when we set a "correct answer" or "incorrect answer" zone(s).  This would make the tool work correctly.